• James Higgs and Jeffrey Ruck

Evaporate into the Cloud

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

From the trenches, applied practices for successful cloud migrations

Do you still have a brick-and-mortar data center?

The early 2000's called; they want their stuff back! 

Welcome to a  pragmatic blog series that will help guide your journey when planning a cloud migration. It is not as complicated as it sounds, but understanding the business drivers and justifications are crucial to your success. There are many reasons organizations take this journey, from sustainable growth to business agility in uncertain times. The ability to scale quickly can shift a business model overnight.

Today we discuss the catalyst for the move. Understanding what is driving your need is key to designing the migration roadmap ahead. We break these down into two basic categories:

Push - where some external need is driving your migration and Pull - where the migration is the driving factor to reach other business objectives.  Below are some examples:

Pull vs. Push

Regardless of the catalyst, moving workloads to a new operating environment involves thorough discovery, analysis, and careful planning, which are critical components for success. Migrations force a business to review its current and future staff capabilities, technologies, security, and data structures, creating a roadmap that reveals new opportunities.

Businesses need a pragmatic approach to management and governance to enable a successful strategy, design, and project plan. This series of blog posts will bring to light lessons learned from our teams in the trenches. We’ll share with you what has worked and what pitfalls to avoid.

Look out for our Topic #1 Commitment next week!

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