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Cloud Migration | Focus and Communications

Once you have determined a cloud migration project will occur, you need to plan for success and set expectations. Ideally, you will want to allow time for the discovery and planning phase to reduce risks. Rapid migrations are also possible given the size of a project; however, they can introduce unnecessary risk if critical steps are skipped or shortcuts are taken.

There are several key areas to address, in order to avoid the failure to communicate. Slowdown and take time to understand and communicate how the business processes and IT support will change. In this blog we will discuss four critical success factors from the trenches to focus on and communicate.

  1. Required resources are over allocated, assigned to operational work 60% and to the project 50%: Meet with the direct line of report manager for the resources, understand how they keep track and measure time spent on operational activities and update the project to address the risk.

  2. Total labor cost is not included in the project, a key resource to the project leaves the company: Track labor rates for all employees and contractors. Make sure the labor rates are factored into the initial project budget, if there is a need to backfill employees’ working on a project there is less risk of going over budge.

  3. Wearing too many hats, a technical resource being relied upon for project management: Prevent project members from stepping outside their guard rails. Define and communicate the RACI matrix, ensure roles and responsibilities are well defined. Meet with resource owners, understand the capabilities each resource is bringing to the project, and resolve conflicts with resource owners.

  4. No/Limited steering committee engagement, business and technical stakeholders are not sufficiently informed. Re-affirm the commitment add this to your communication plan, identify a marketing campaign to keep moral high and people engaged, budget for project meals including resource managers, stakeholders, and influencers. Use the opportunity to recognize contributions and team accomplishments.

Look for our upcoming post about "The Launch." This series of blog posts will bring to light lessons learned from our teams in the trenches. We’ll share with you what has worked and what pitfalls to avoid, saving you valuable time and resources.

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