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Cloud Migration | Business Commitment

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

All great journeys require a commitment! Not just by the technical teams, but a top-down commitment from the organizational leadership. Executives must understand and support the objectives, or your success is in peril.

The upcoming transition will have bumps and challenges along the way. Overcoming these obstacles requires a significant amount of coordination and communication at several levels of the business to be successful. Below are four key areas requiring special attention, especially during the initiation phase:

  1. Strategically align the project with the business purpose:  Verify that business purpose maps to the Business & IT strategies. Ensure your IT Roadmap is up-to-date and supports the project goals.

  2. The project's objectives are outside the scope of the migration:  Make sure the objectives map directly to the Business Purpose of the migration. Contextually map out and understand what the initial scope is, remain focused, and stay the course.

  3. Verify stakeholders outside of the project team are aware of the upcoming migration:  Ensure the business leaders understand the goal of the migration. Communicate the objectives, how the business stakeholders will engage, how the change will impact their teams, and the customers that rely on the services.

  4. Prepare the users for the migration:  Focus on organizational change management. Explain why the business has chosen to perform the migration, how the migration will impact them, and the timeframe of the changes. Engage with your marketing team early, post flyers, and start communicating via your company intranet.

Look for our upcoming post about "Starting the Journey."

This series of blog posts will bring to light lessons learned from our teams in the trenches. We’ll share with you what has worked and what pitfalls to avoid, saving you valuable time and resources.

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