Collaboration Services

The Collaboration Team at Butterfly Technologies focuses on uniting our client's people, communications, and content to optimize their modern workplace through on-going support and implementation of new features that ensure a stable and compliant platform integrated into their business processes. 

The team develops and supports content management solutions and migrations, information architecture initiatives, modern forms and workflow solutions, information portals, company intranets, enterprise adoption initiatives, and training solutions. 

We focus on Microsoft 365, and it's included workloads, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and Yammer, et al.  We leverage PowerApps, Power Automate, Microsoft Azure Services, and have decades of experience working with Microsoft partners in the collaboration space to leverage best in class products that will meet your strategic goals today and in the future.


Enterprise and solution architecture aligned
with your business.

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Solutions delivered to unlock business productivity and new efficiencies.

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Your data, services, and solutions where you need them most. 

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Solutions uniting people, communications, and


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Established guidelines to meet your business goals, reinforced with training to meet adoption objectives.

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Are you ready to begin using Microsoft 365? Have you been using Exchange Online and want to start using other services in the Microsoft 365 platform? Our team can help you leverage SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and other Microsoft 365 services to maximize your investment and be more productive.  

The Collaboration Team's onboarding methodology ensures that Microsoft 365 provides the foundation for your collaboration needs.  We begin by addressing your security and compliance requirements.  Our team then focuses on your business processes and introduces services that will meet your current needs and future growth. 

We transition the platform and services into production using industry-standard ITIL practices and training, contributing to your operations support teams' success.


It does not stop there.

Our support engineers are ready to assist you with the operational support of Microsoft 365 and your employees.  Our engineers are experienced in troubleshooting and providing incident and problem resolution.  Our support methodology is based in ITIL, with decades of experience to remediate issues and lower support costs. 

Are you ready to automate your business processes?  Have you worked with SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Powerapps, and Power Automate to build a solution, but it's not meeting all of your needs?

The Collaboration Team's solution architects, developers, and engineers are ready to help.  Our team can work on projects of any size and complexity.  The team is experienced with fully custom applications designed and developed to use modern components as-well-as simple forms and workflow unlocking business productivity. 


Our solutions meet you where you are providing the functionality you need in the technology you use.


We specialize in Microsoft technologies and have decades of experience delivering applications leveraging Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft's Power Platform, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Azure, and the Microsoft partner ecosystem.  

Are you planning a migration from an older version of SharePoint?  Do you want to begin using OneDrive but have data on file servers, Dropbox, or another cloud platform?  Do you want to use SharePoint Online or Microsoft Teams, and your data is on-premise?  

The Collaboration Team uses our proven migration methodology to ensure your services, solutions, and data are moved to where you need them most.  Our methodology begins with the discovery and assessment of your current environment, generating a migration roadmap. The migration roadmap enables us to work collaboratively with you to plan the migration, ensure migration activities are aligned with your strategic goals and minimize risks. Our team then focuses on training and testing.  We empower you with the skills to leverage your new platform and assist with performing test cases to validate the migration processes.  The team then migrates the services, solutions, and data to the new environment.


We do not stop there; our engineers remain engaged, providing post-migration support.  

Our team, prepared with proven processes, is ready to plan and perform your migration.  We align with your business strategy and goals to ensure services, solutions, and data are moved to where you need them most.

Do you have an intranet that requires a modern refresh, or would you like guidance to optimize the user experience to suit your company's needs? Do your remote workers need a modern and secure portal accessible from the internet on any device, with optimized communications, placing communications side-by-side with content and tasks?

The Collaboration Team's migration methodology align's intranet and information portals to meet your strategic goals.  We work on projects of all sizes, from Fortune 1000 intranet refreshes, small business intranets with remote worker requirements, and information portals enabling efficient access to data and business processes. 


Our methodology meets you where you are, creates a roadmap to where you want to be, and ensures we work collaboratively to deliver a solution that takes you there.


We specialize in creating intranets and portals that unify your people, content, and communications while maintaining your brand and aligning with your company culture.  

Have you begun using Microsoft Teams or SharePoint Online and have more teams or sites than you can count?  Do you need guidance to understand when to create a team or a channel?  Do you want to empower your employees with technology, but your not sure which technology should be used and when?

The Collaboration Team is here to help and work with you to understand your goals and align the technology to meet your business needs.  We use best practices to create guidelines that provide you with the guidance needed to leverage the correct technology for your desired outcomes. We ensure you understand the factors leading to the technology choice and receive the training needed to use the technology efficiently. 


Our enablement programs deliver training and guidelines from the perspective of your business process, with the ability to focus on micro-level and macro-level training to meet your users where they are and level them up.  We create and empower technology champions within your organization that continue the training efforts and enable sustained adoption of the solutions and technology platforms. 


Our team prides itself on its ability to democratize technology and drive solution adoption through enablement programs.  Our adoption and training methodologies create communities within your organization, and empower your organization with champions, fostering your collaboration technologies' adoption.



The Butterfly Technologies project methodology ensures our work is aligned with your strategic goals, focusing on business value, delivering intuitive solutions, and enabling sustained adoption. 


Enterprise and solution architecture aligned
with your business.


Solutions optimizing resources and business processes.


Solutions integrated with your employees and procedures..


Solutions uniting people, communications, and