Butterfly Technologies Partners with ModelizeIT

Butterfly Technologies Partners with ModelizeIT

Butterfly Technologies is excited to announce our strategic partnership with ModelizeIT. With their breakthrough product, RujuvenApptor, ModelizeIT leads the market in application discovery and mapping.

Its’ enterprise-grade application technology analyzes configuration details of servers and software to produce in-depth models that reveal dependencies, utilization, and inventories across your company ecosystem. With the insights provided by RujuvenApptor,Butterfly Technologies will accelerate our ability to provide strategic solutions and services, driving digital transformations for our clients.

At Butterfly, we believe that any IT transformation is more successful with an accurate view of the existing technology landscape. Application Discovery and Mapping is not just a service provided by Butterfly Technologies, it is a core component of our key services. Including; Data Center Migration, Merger & Acquisitions, Enterprise Architecture, and Operational Documentation. As a Certified Partner on RujuvenApptor, we can bring these services to our clients with an unparalleled level of detail and impact to strategically guide their digital transformations.

Butterfly Technologies’ mission is to enable businesses’ transformations through digitization while ensuring our clients maintain control of their core technologies. Our strategic partnership with ModelizeIT expands our capability to deliver on that mission. If you are planning an IT transformation, a data center migration, need assistance creating documentation, or would like an accurate view of your existing IT environment, contact Butterfly Technologies.


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